JCI Growth and Development Lab vom 13.07.2018 bis 15.07.2018 (= 3 Tage)

Heart House: Lenbachplatz 2, 80333 München
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13.07.2018 - 15.07.2018 (= 3 Tage)


The JCI Growth and Development Laboratory (GnDLab) is a European movement. The first edition was developed by Viktor Ómarsson (Senator #73511) together with Manuel Denkwitz, Mark Cheret and Gilbert Lintner with support from JCI Frankfurt am Main hosting the event and 2017 Local President Eleonore Wall playing an active role. To keep the ball rolling after the GnDLab in Frankfurt in 2018, we will meet in Munich in the heart of Bavaria. JCI Bavaria and JCI Munich are more than happy to welcome you.

WHEN: 13/7/17 @7.00pm – 15/7/2017 @2.00pm
WHERE: HeartHouse Munich: Lenbachplatz 2, 80333 München

„The purpose of the 2018 JCI Growth and Development Laboratory (GnDLab) is to: share best practices for growth and development, brainstorm and workshop for new ideas and produce short videos with several success stories to be publicly shared among the JCI community. Also we’ll check on the progress of national growth and development councils within the participating NOMs and LOMs and work on the implementation of the 2017 GnDLab Strategy and Tactics Matrix”

The event is called „Laboratory“ to emphasize that not everything is supposed to be in its final shape but rather still in an experimental state. The focus will be on brainstorming, developing, workshopping and bringing best practices to the table, share ideas, formulate strategies and test them on different scenarios.

During the weekend, expert speakers will give short “lightning talks” about specific topics. We share our best practices and experiences and we will continue to work on strategies and tactics developed in the 2017 edition of the lab.

You should participate if you are interested in sharing best practices and to get new ideas how to strengthen our organizations and you should like to produce short videos.

Your COC Team:
Gilbert Lintner – COC Director, Host, 2017 JCI Munich Local President
Mark Cheret – COC Communications, 2018 JCI Bavaria Communications Director

Sabine Steinert – COC Finances, 2018 JCI Bavaria Treasurer
Manuel Denkwitz – COC International Ambassador, 2017 JCI Germany EVP International

Viktor Ómarsson – COC Moderator, 2017 JCI Vice President, 2016 EDC Chairperson 


The Agenda:

Friday, 13th July

- 7.00pm: Open Start

- 8.00pm Introduction + Lightning Speeches

-9.00pm Get together with JCI Munich

Saturday, 14th July
- 9.00am: Open Start

- 9.30am: Working Session 1
- 12.30am: Lunch
- 1.00pm: Working Session 2
- 5.00pm: Check on (Video) Progress - 7.00pm: Dinner

- 8.30pm: Party/Nightlife

Sunday, 15th July:
- 9.00am: Open Start

- 9.30am: Working Group Session 3 - 12.00am: Debriefing
- 12.30am: Lunch
- 2.00pm: Farewell


The Venue:

We meet at the Heart House, Lenbachplatz 2, 80333 Munich.
The venue is reachable by public transport. We can pick you up there.



Ask us for recommendations. We will have a limited contingent of hotel rooms next to the venue. As there is no Trade Fair that time the hotel prices are still quite moderate.



Participation Fee:
Most of the costs are covered by sponsors, however we ask you to pay a participation fee of





You can easily reach the venue by train or by plane.

- Train Station: Munich Central Station         page2image3744688 page2image3723264 page2image3760288    page2image3760704 

- Airport: Munich Airport (MUC)






Kosten externer Teilnehmer:
50 Euro

Veranstaltet von:
WJ-Bayern / WJD / JCI

Weitere Informationen:

 Gilbert Lintner
Telefon: +49-160-94462145

E-Mail an Gilbert Lintner senden